Healthy Boundaries Workshop

Saturday, November 12, 2022

10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Eastern

Via Zoom


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What stops you from setting the boundaries you need and want to have with your mother?

I know what stopped me.

My fear that she wouldn’t respect them. Which would mean she didn’t respect ME. And for a very long time I wasn’t willing to take that risk.

For years, my fear kept me spinning in self-doubt and confusion about what I wanted. I was afraid to want what I wanted. The mental and emotional turmoil of having to figure out what I was going to do and say – each and every time I interacted with her – wasted my precious time and energy. And then, after my interactions with her, I’d spend hours (days…weeks) fighting with her inside my head, and recounting, to anyone who would listen, how horrible she was.

You already know that setting boundaries is the answer. And yet you haven’t done it. Or, if you’ve tried, it hasn’t been effective.

Here’s why: because you’ve been approaching setting boundaries with your mother from a place of believing she has to agree with or respect them.

You won’t set the boundary because you’re afraid to find out that she won’t comply (because that’s been your lived experience).

You make her non-compliance mean that you don’t deserve it.

And that you’re bad and wrong for wanting to have it.

Because women are socialized to believe that asking for what we want is greedy, selfish, and ungrateful, we will – over and over again – choose NOT to advocate for ourselves with boundaries.

On some level you suspect your mother isn’t going to make this easy on you.

That she isn’t going to like it.

That she’s not going to respect your boundaries.

That she doesn’t think you deserve them.

And when that happens you will make it mean that you are bad and wrong.

So you won’t set the boundary.

Because you are giving her the power to decide whether or not you get to have what you want.

You won’t do it.

And you’ll be hurt and pissed off.


At her.

At yourself.

Because you’re a human who has been conditioned to hide her truth.

This is why I created this one-day workshop.

Because your mother doesn’t get to have the power to decide for you.

You do.

She doesn’t get to have the power to decide your worth, goodness, greediness, or selfishness.

You do.

Setting, establishing, and living with healthy boundaries is amazing. The woman you will become as a result of having gone through the process?


It’s worth repeating:

Believing your mother has to respect your boundaries can create a lot of pain.

To avoid that pain, you won’t set the boundary.

Whether she consciously knows it or not, your mother is counting on that.

Setting boundaries doesn’t have to feel bad. In fact, setting boundaries can be one of the most empowering things you ever do, not because you end up with a boundary, but because you see and experience yourself as powerful.

Setting boundaries does not to have to feel bad.

Maintaining them doesn’t have to exhaust you. 

What you will come away with from this online workshop…

:: practical SIMPLE ways to set boundaries with your mother (and/or your own daughter)

:: an understanding of why mothers and daughters struggle and the dynamics at play

:: ways to mitigate guilt, anxiety, overwhelm, etc. when setting boundaries

:: energetic practices you can do on your own that will reduce the amount of anxiety and guilt you feel

:: skills and scripts that you can use to set boundaries with your mother

:: an understanding that these skills are about more than your personal mother-daughter relationship, they’re about gender equality

:: knowing that you can be okay no matter what happens in the relationship

:: the feeling that you just did some mind-blowing and soul-nourishing work

:: hope for the future of your relationship(s)

:: a handout with all the pertinent information

:: a recording of the workshop

I’ll say it again: setting healthy boundaries doesn’t have to feel bad. Maintaining them doesn’t have to exhaust you.

Workshop price is $150

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