Boundaries For Life:

An 8-week 1:1 Intensive

You are a smart, creative woman…

(probably with a bit of a rebellious streak)

…who has a hard time setting boundaries with your mother.

And you KNOW it is negatively impacting important parts of your life.


 This offer is for you if…


  • Someone (a friend, a partner, a therapist) has told you need to set boundaries but you aren’t sure how to do it.
  • You get pushback when you try to set boundaries.
  • You aren’t able to maintain boundaries once you’ve set them.
  • No one seems to respect your boundaries.
  • You feel guilty and/or anxious when you think about setting boundaries.
  • You are are not actively processing significant trauma.
  • You are committed to your growth and trying new things.

Boundaries For Life

In the Boundaries For Life intensive, we work together for two months on the following things:

1. Identifying the healthy, mature boundaries you want to establish and maintain.

2. Communicating your boundaries, using your words, actions, and energy.

3. Managing the mind drama that seems inevitable when you set boundaries.

 4. Understanding your nervous system and working WITH it instead of against it.

5. Handling pushback, negotiations, demands for explanations, etc.

6. Laying a solid, repeatable foundation for the future.


You’ll come away from our time together with 

the confidence to set boundaries with anyone…

Because if you can set boundaries with your mother?


Details, Price & Logistics:

We will meet twice a month via Zoom. You’ll have the opportunity to record the calls if you’d like.

I will provide practical, actionable tools and strategies, worksheets, and other resources via email after each meeting. We will use Google docs to keep track of everything.

The investment for this offer is $1500 –  a no brainer when you consider what a lack of boundaries costs you when you in terms of your time, attention, energy, and creative expression. Not to mention the time and energy spent spinning between anger, guilt, anxiety, sadness, bitterness, and hopelessness (and the effects on your health).

If you’re ready to get started, click the yellow “Sign Up Here” box below to get started. Have a question? Click here to send me a message and I will be in touch ASAP!

Much, much love,

Karen C.L. Anderson Author and Coach

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