Overcome Your Creative Anxiety

Do you want to live a more creative life? And are you tired of the voice(s) inside your head that say it’s too late, you’re not good enough, you’re not creative enough, blah blah blah?

It’s easier to be a critic than a creator, so what happens when both the critic and the creator reside in your brain?

In this guided journal, which came out on June 16, I share prompts and practices that will help you get to know both your inner critic and your inner creator and get them to work together instead of in resistance to each other.

When you order Overcoming Creative Anxiety: Journal Prompts & Practices for Disarming Your Inner Critic  you can join me (for FREE) in a month-long transformational book club to do the work in the book with me.

Pre-order the book at Amazon or Barnes & Noble:

The Overcoming Creative Anxiety Book Club includes:

  • A kick-off call via Zoom on Friday July 31
  • A private Facebook group all month long where you will get ongoing support from an expert (me) and others who understand what it’s like to struggle with creative anxiety
  • A mid-month check-in call on Friday, August 14
  • A closing celebration call on Friday, August 28


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