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“Your freedom is more important than their anger.” ~ nayyirah waheed

Having boundaries means (sometimes) that someone else will experience trouble or difficulty in regards to their personal requirements or comfort.

And? You can still have that boundary, even if, for years and years, you didn’t have it.

And? You can express that boundary in a way that is kind.

And? The other person may feel annoyed, disappointed, frustrated, angry, and/or put out.

And? The other person might think you’re being selfish.

And? You may experience guilt.

And? Guilt won’t kill you.

And? The more you practice, the less guilt you will feel.

I promise.

This has been my experience. Recently, in fact. I wouldn’t be able to teach it, if I wasn’t practicing it.

Healthy boundaries = true self-care

You can do it.

You are your own magic pill.

You can be both a masterpiece and a work in progress at the same time.

Much, much love,


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