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The term Mother Lode refers to something valuable or in great abundance. You know it when you see it.

The Mother Lode: A Conversation About Emotions, Power & Creativity is a free, month-long community project about what we learned (or didn’t learn) about creativity, power, and emotion from our mothers, about how we’ve taken what we learned and how we use it in our lives, relationships, and work, as well as about what we want to pass on, teach, and model, consciously, for others.

The Mother Lode is a conversation about where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re going (because we sure as hell are not going back).

I have gathered 21 intentionally emotional, powerful, and creative humans (click here and scroll down to see who they are) who have stepped up to answer these questions:

What did your mother teach you, specifically, about emotion, power, and creativity? And how do you take that and use it intentionally in service to what you, yourself, are creating in the world?

Their stories are poignant, funny, powerful, angry, vulnerable, authentic, and so very human.

Why does this matter?

If women are to have more of a say in the world, more power (in the true sense of the word), and more leadership (also in the true sense of the word), more of us need to understand and teach, directly and explicitly and by consciously modeling, the true nature of emotion, power, and creativity, not the current patriarchal definitions.

Emotion, power, and creativity are profoundly and inextricably linked.

And yet we’ve been taught that emotion is weak, that power is not for us, and that creativity is elusive and mysterious. For millennia we’ve been burnt at the stake (literally and metaphorically) when we wield our emotions, power, and creativity intentionally. Many women in our maternal lineages suffered mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically as a result of the unexpressed emotion, the unused power, and the untapped creativity within them.

The Mother Lode is about changing that dynamic. Forever.

How It Works:

  1. Sign up here (this is a special list for those interested in participating. You will not receive them if you don’t sign up).
  2. Every week day in June, you’ll receive one of our contributors’ short but powerful messages straight into your inbox. They’ll share with you what they learned (or didn’t learn) from their mothers about emotion, power, and creativity and how they apply it in service to their own power and creativity.
  3. There will be a Facebook group where we will continue the conversation, ask and answer questions, and share our own stories about how we use emotion, power, and creativity in our lives.

I hope to see you there!

Much, much love,


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