I have a new book coming out in June!

Overcoming Creative Anxiety: Journal Prompts & Practices For Disarming Your Inner Critic may seem like a drastic departure from difficult mother-daughter relationships, but in the writing of it I discovered many similarities.

Creativity is defined as the ability of a person to make something new and useful or valuable, or the process of making something new and useful or valuable.

At it’s core, my process shows you how to summon feelings in your body on purpose so you can use them intentionally in service to what you say you want.

This is the essence of creativity.

You want to…

create healthy, emotional separation from a difficult mother, whether there is estrangement or not.
…step out of the less-than position so you can create healthy and effective boundaries.
create courage so you can put yourself out there in ways you’ve been afraid to so far.
create authenticity and stop people-pleasing.
create self-respect, and reduce drama.

What all of these things have in common is the creative impulse. And it’s why, even though Overcoming Creative Anxiety isn’t specifically about mother-daughter relationships, you might find it helpful. Besides, for most of us, our mothers were our first critics!

In whatever way you want to be more creative, Overcoming Creative Anxiety will help you access the power inside, the power that is your birthright but which you may have forgotten about somewhere along the way.

Pre-order Overcoming Creative Anxiety: Journal Prompts & Practices for Disarming Your Inner Critic by June 1 and join my month-long virtual book club in August!

Much, much love,


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