…prior to choosing to heal her relationship with her mother:⠀

that it’s what she wanted⠀

that it was a choice⠀

that it was possible⠀

that her mother didn’t have to participate (this was a big one…and such a relief)⠀

that healthy boundaries were possible⠀

that healthy boundaries work⠀

that “healing the relationship” doesn’t equal going back to the way things used to be (or doing things she didn’t want to do)⠀

that “healing the relationship” doesn’t mean “forgiving and forgetting”⠀

that her mother wasn’t creating the drama in her head…she was (and that this was amazing news)⠀

that it would increase her capacity for self-compassion and self-respect in ways she couldn’t imagine⠀

that it was about taking back her power⠀

that she had the power all along (even though it didn’t feel like it)⠀

that it would be the hardest, best thing she ever did⠀

that she is now sovereign AF⠀

What do you want as a result of healing your relationship with your mother?⠀

Much, much love⠀


Reveal patterns. Heal shame. Transform legacies.

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