Dear you…

I used to believe that mother didn’t respect me. I had a lot of evidence. I could point to numerous instances and patterns of behavior that proved it. It made me hurt and angry.

What I didn’t realize is that underneath that belief was another, much more painful one: I am not worthy of respect.

And so every time my mother did or said something, anything, I heard and saw it through the unconscious lens of “I am not worthy of respect.”

And I made myself suffer.

Until I became conscious to it.

Now I chose to interpret what she does and says through a different lens.

I no longer make myself suffer.

Here’s the thing – and I really want you to hear this and take it in – “she’s disrespecting me” is an optional thought.

See what happens when you no longer choose to use that lens through which to view the world.

Much, much love…


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