Dear Adult Daughter…

You are a smart, creative woman…

(probably with a bit of a rebellious streak)

…who has a difficult or troubled relationship with your mother.

And you KNOW it is negatively impacting important parts of your life.

She is the Kryptonite* to your Superwoman and you just want to be free from the drama.

From the chronic pain, guilt, shame, bitterness, hopelessness…

(*In the Superman movies, Kryptonite is an alien mineral that has the property of depriving Superman of his powers.)
You want to:


  • Heal the relationship whether your mother participates or not
  • Live with less guilt, anger, and defensiveness
  • Learn the critical skill of responding, not reacting
  • Feel both safe and powerful in making changes to the relationship
  • Trust and respect yourself
  • Shift your focus from blaming her (or yourself) to taking responsibility for yourself
  • Establish and maintain healthy boundaries, up to and including going no contact if that’s the right choice for you
  • Feel more positively about the relationship, even if you choose to have very little, or no contact with her
  • Be at peace and no longer all worked up over it
  • No longer be defined by the relationship
  • Find and USE your voice
  • Use the relationship as a catalyst for your own growth


You’re afraid.

You’re afraid you won’t be able to do it…that it will be like all the times before.

(The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek. ~ Joseph Campbell)

The Mother Lode is different. The term Mother Lode refers to a principal vein of precious minerals – the origin of something valuable or in great abundance.

In other words, exactly the opposite of Kryptonite.

You can transform the relationship from being something that zaps you of your power, and turn it into something that is a source of abundance, value, resilience, creativity, and empowerment.


Even if you never see or talk to her. Even if she is no longer alive.


The Mother Lode Mentorship

In The Mother Lode mentorship, we work together for six months on the following things:

1. Revealing patterns: untangling and slowing down the complex thought-feeling-reaction process that seems to happen every time you talk to your mother and in other triggering situations.

2. Understanding how your nervous system, thoughts, and feelings are connected and learning how to work WITH yourself instead of against yourself.

3. Healing shame: learning how to truly love and accept your WHOLE self, which helps you show up differently in all your relationships and to be less bothered by the things she does.

4. Establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries up to an including going no contact if that is the right choice for you (I will show you what it looks and sounds like in various situations).

5. Transforming legacies: rewrite your story so it’s no longer a source of suffering and is, instead, a source of wisdom, creativity, richness and humanity. Not to mention the impact this has on future generations.

6. Laying a solid, repeatable foundation for the emotional and practical changes you will be making so you become an embodied example of what’s possible.

 Bottom Line: you’ll come away from our time together with:

GREATER confidence and self-trust and LESS fear and shame.

What clients are saying:

 “I have completely changed the relationship I have with my mother and she has no idea. She was not involved and had no input in the process.” ~ Mother Lode client R.L.

Details, Price & Logistics:

We meet three to four times per month via Zoom. You’ll have the opportunity to record the calls if you’d like.

I will provide practical, actionable tools and strategies, worksheets, and other resources via email after each meeting. You will also receive autographed copies of all three of my books.

The investment for this offer is $5000 and difficult mother-daughter relationships may be one of the most costly problems in the world and are part of what keep women stuck in “less than” positions, making less money, and being less able to advocate for themselves.

Not to mention the time and energy spent spinning between anger, guilt, anxiety, sadness, bitterness, and hopelessness (and the effects on your health) and how this limits you and your creative expression. It’s also small compared to the cost of people-pleasing and being boundary-less, not just in your relationship with her, but in other important relationships, including yourself and your own children.

If you think you might be interested, click here to send me a message and I will be in touch ASAP!

Much, much love,

Karen C.L. Anderson Author and Coach

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