take care of yourself

in the relationship

you have with

Guilt. Shame. Fear. Frustration. Regret. Resentment.




Dissolving into hopelessness.


 With excursions into anxiety.

 Deep sadness.


 This may be where you are right now.

And it’s getting in the way.

In the way of your relationships with your own children.

In the way of the way you show up at work.

In the way of the money you want to make.

In the way of the book you’re trying to write.

In the way of promoting yourself on social media.

In the way of whatever it is you say you want but are holding yourself back from.


Free. Light. Open. Authentic. Grounded. Boundaried.

 Proud of yourself.




 Able to ride the waves of all your human emotions.

 No matter what your mother said and did (or is saying and doing). 

 Less affected by her. 

 This may be what you’re wanting more of.

 This is what Mother Lode is for. 

To stop letting your mother (or adult daughter) get in the way of what you want for your life.

This is not a “you’re not okay the way you are” process. There’s nothing to fix. It’s not about improving yourself. Or changing who you are. 

(she’s not involved, either)


You’ve done enough of that already.

The Mother Lode is about returning to yourself. Being more of who you are, not less, so you can like and respect yourself whether you’re in contact with her or not.

It’s not about saving or rescuing you from your problems, but about recognizing the truth about your humanity and meeting you in your highest vision for your life, well-resourced and creative.

A loving, clear-eyed, courageous woman who says yes to herself and to her future. 

More specifically, we work together on the following things:

  1. Getting clarity on how you want to move forward in your relationship. Go no contact? Limit the amount of contact? Keep it the way it is? Change it in some way? I ask questions, some you’ve likely never considered before, to help you decide what’s right for you. 

2. Understanding your nervous system and it’s unique responses so you can work WITH it and not against it. I will show and practice with you several simple somatic exercises that don’t take up a lot of your time. These practices will help you whether you’re feeling irritated and annoyed or hopeless and overwhelmed.

3. Deciding what boundaries you want to establish and maintain, as well as how to communicate them with the least amount of anxiety and guilt. We role-play to make sure you feel comfortable having boundary conversations and so you can handle any blow-back or demands for explanations.

4. Addressing the people-pleasing, the self-sabotaging, the defensiveness, the hopelessness. Hint, this actually has to do with your nervous system’s perception of threat. In other words, this is not “just who you are” or character flaws. And it’s much easier to stop once you understand why you do it.

  1. Shifting your self-concept intentionally and with care and respect for yourself. This piece alone is worth the price of admission. It’s a mind-body practice that goes way beyond positive affirmations and mindset work. 
  1. Laying a solid foundation for the future. I will teach you a simple Awareness Model that will help you untangle and slow down the complex reaction scenario that seems to happen every time you talk to her.

You tell me what you want and I bring a wealth of expertise on everything from difficult mother-daughter relationships, to boundaries, to trauma, to self-expression, to living a more creative life.

You may think it’s impossible. You may think this is your lot in life. 

You know that waiting for her to change, counting on it, so you can feel  better is an exercise in futility. 

And you’re tired of trying to change.

There’s another option. If you’re willing to choose it, it will be one of the most life-affirming things you ever do.  



We meet weekly via Zoom for four-plus months (20 weeks).

I provide practical, actionable tools and strategies, stories of how I did it, worksheets, journal prompts, and other resources, as well as unlimited email support between meetings. 

The total cost of this package is $5000, which can be paid in full or in three monthly installments of $1500.

If you’d like explore working together, please click here to schedule a call with me and  answer a few questions.  

Much, much love,

Karen C.L. Anderson Author and Coach

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