WEEKLY Love Notes

Weekly Love Notes contain advice, essays, excerpts from books, and other bits of wisdom.

I write these Love Notes not because I said I would – or because I think I have to – but because I adore it. Because when I queue them up, it feels like my birthday. Because when I think about you reading my words, my soul is satisfied and all is right with the world. Are you in?

“From the deepest recess of my heart, thank you so much for your amazing, inspirational weekly love notes.  The notes you specifically sent on Thanksgiving day and today were so helpful and powerful that I printed them so I can re-read them.  You’re an amazing writer, teacher and coach and I appreciate the selfless, huge, beautiful effort you put into writings and teachings to share.  You are a gift, Karen.  Thank you!” ~ R.W.

“Thank you so kindly for your words of wisdom ~ so grateful that you are willing and able to share your deepest feelings & by doing so give that gift to others ~ please continue this great gift!!!”  ~ C.L.

“God I love your emails! They are my life line. More more more please!” ~ S.P.

“Your emails are so helpful to my sister and I.  Thank you so much for your support to all of the daughters who are healing.” ~ C.B.



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