I have created a movement for brave women who have a troubled relationship with their mothers or daughters and who want more for themselves and their lives than being defined by that troubled relationship.

it It’s a movement that pushes edges, rocks boats, challenges the status quo, and shifts paradigms.

It is considered taboo to discuss the pain of dysfunctional mother-daughter relationships outside of lofty clinical pathologies and personality disorders, unless it’s in a private support group where, often, the “support” ends up keeping us stuck in our painful stories, reactions, and patterns of behavior.

In that traditional paradigm, we are often stuck conveying lesser versions of ourselves. 

It is a paradigm held together by patriarchy, internalized misogyny, and white supremacy. 

It is a paradigm that does not value those who identify as female equally.

This is a source of intergenerational pain, dysfunction, self-loathing, shame, and even violence among and between women.

In my writing, I share not just my stories and wisdom, but also an empowerment process that challenges assumptions about the way things are and can be for women, not just within the context of their ongoing or historic relationships with their own mothers (who often model and foster ongoing disempowerment), but within the world at large.

Having a troubled relationship with your mother or daughter doesn’t have to keep you in a less-than position. In fact, it can empower you to tap into your greatest, innate stores of wisdom, self-love and power.

My mission is to help women gain autonomy and control over their own lives, fostering power in them, for use in their own lives, and with their children, families, and in their communities.

Reveal patterns. Heal shame. Transform legacies.

This is the work I get to do.

How to do this work with me:

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