You are a brave, creative woman who has (or had) a troubled relationship with your mother and you want more for yourself and your life than being defined by that troubled relationship.

Dear Adult Daughter…

You’re sick of constantly thinking about her.

You’re tired because of the energy you expend trying to set boundaries that she never respects.

You wish she’d either…

magically change
 (and you beat yourself up because you should know better than to think she’d finally change)…

or die already (and you beat yourself up because who thinks that??)

Or maybe she has already died and still she controls you from the grave.

You’ve been her daughter for decades and she hasn’t changed and you’re starting to lose hope that it will ever be different.

Deep down inside you’re wondering if you’re permanently damaged goods because “everyone” knows that having a mother who has a personality disorder, an addiction, or mental illness is a sad reality…

…and you will always lack the capacity for true pride and joy in your achievements…

…or your potential will always remain stunted.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

I can make it so much easier for you.

I’m the Difficult Mother expert. 

I know what works and what doesn’t.

I can teach you how to have impeccable boundaries (including going no-contact) without having to defend and justify it, so you can walk through your life with your head up like the powerful woman you are, instead of constantly trying to figure out what to say and how to say it and wearing yourself out in the process.

You’ll learn how to step out of her dysfunctional, codependent patterns, not just find better ways to “cope” and operate within them.

(Because who wants to go through life coping?!)

You’ll always know where you stand because you’ll be the one deciding.

No more low-level hurt, annoyance, guilt, which is just barely covering a deep well of crippling shame, white hot rage, and knee-buckling grief (ask me how I know about that…).

Take my hand…


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