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I have created a movement for brave women who have a troubled relationship with their mothers and who want more for themselves and their lives than being defined by that troubled relationship.

A few of years ago, in response to a Love Note I wrote entitled “The Exact Things I Do When I Am Practicing What I Preach In Real Life With My Real Mother” I received a bunch of emails all asking some form of this question: Why bother? Wouldn’t it be just easier to cut her out of your life completely?”

What they didn’t know (and what you might not know) is that I HAD cut her out of my life completely for a while. 

Was it easier? Yes.

And then?

I decided I didn’t want it to be easier. I decided I wanted to grow.

I wanted self-respect. Confidence. Equanimity. Impeccable boundaries.

I wanted to be an adult daughter, with the emphasis on “adult.”

To be a grown-ass woman.

To live life on my terms. To express myself. To create relationships that are fun and nourishing where I can be my whole self and others can be their whole selves.

To stop people-pleasing.

To write best-selling books and stand on stages and make people gasp with recognition at their own humanity.

Hiding from my relationship with my mother did the exact opposite.

Healing it was a catalyst for my growth in ways I never imagined possible.

That’s why you might bother.

You may be considering going “no contact” with your mother, or maybe you already have. Or maybe you’re on the other side, having reinitiated contact and feeling wobbly.

Sure, it might be easier to not see or talk to your mother. But if not done from a clean place, it will take a toll inside where it counts the most.

Healing your relationship with your mother isn’t about pleasing her or forgiving her or making her happy.

It’s about showing yourself what’s possible FOR YOU.

Because you’ve decided that you want to grow. And you want to use your relationship with your mother as the catalyst for that growth.

That’s why you bother. Because YOU matter.

It’s not too late. You’re not too old. It matters. It works.

Ask me how I know. 🙂

This is what we do in the Make It Real community.


And here’s what I know for sure: having a troubled relationship with your mother doesn’t have to keep you in a less-than position. In fact, it can empower you to tap into your greatest, innate stores of wisdom, self-love and power.

My mission is to help women gain autonomy and control over their own lives, fostering power in them, for use in their own lives, and with their children, families, and in their communities.

Reveal patterns. Heal shame. Transform legacies.


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